Scouting & Adventures

Alongside his work in Inclusion, Human Rights, Tea and Art… Tony is also a respected consultant for Sailing and Cold Weather Expeditions, and a passionate scout leader.

His passion for travel and adventure goes hand in hand with his skills in art and human rights. He as been able to inform all of his work by challenging himself to pursue new knowledge and new horizons.

A mountain scout camp & hike in 2017


Tony’s passion for adventure came from his time as a Sea Scout in the 38th & 40th Strood Sea Scouts, today he is an Explorer Scout Leader, taking teenagers between 14 & 18 away on adventures across the world with the same local scout group. Scouting equips young people not only with Skills for Life, but also with ways of developing peace, friendships and encouraging active participation in making the world a better place.

In scouting he has active roles that include Sailing, Hill walking, camping, expeditions, kayaking, hiking, , and lots of community and service work. He also works with scout groups actively in the USA, Malta, The Netherlands and Ireland. This is alongside his national role as a UK Scouting Inclusion Consultant and a member of the World Scouting Team for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Classic Sailing & Ships

Tony has always had a passion for classic boats… Not the fancy wooden yachts, but the honest classic working boats. A self described boat geek he has taken on many a restoration project himself and consulted on many others. His current project is MFV Smiling Morn, 1933 Steam & Sailing ship, a floating art studio and home, resurrected from being sunk.

He is also the current keeper of the classic Sailing Bawley GladTimes, which is considered by many as one of the prettiest ships on the East Coast, as well as being one of the oldest. This he shares with his Scouts occasionally for sailing and short trips in the Thames Estuary. He an often be found on a rare free day varnishing, painting or otherwise restoring her.

Tony is also a trustee of the TID 164 Steam Tug. The TID164 preservation trust cares for the restoration of a very exciting and unique peice of maritime history. A rare example of a Tug Inshore and Dock craft, designed and built in three sections, each section transported from shipyards across the UK before being assembled and commissioned at the rate of one per week entirely by women. The trust now has her in steam with a restored engine and is hopefully having her back in full commission in the next five years.

Cold Weather Expeditions

Since first forays into adventure as a Sea Scout he has loved camping, hiking and adventure. This has lead on to many travels and many wonderful mis-adventures.

Svalbard 2013

In 2013 he was interviewed by GayTimes on his work in the Arctic and Antarctic regions on foot and sail, and has also been interviewed for many similar publications as one of the very few openly LGBT+ people to do so, and thought to be the first British ‘out’ LGBT+ person to visit both poles.

He has ghost written and authored many books and children’s books on adventure and bushcraft and has worked with organisations such as The BBC, HarperCollins, Osbourne Books, The Discovery Channel, Channel4, and many more on various film, tv and publishing productions.

Ice storm at on ship, 2011