Today I had the honour off addressing top government officials at No.10 Downing Street. I was talking about how Inclusion and Equality form a part of Climate Change. Below is the introduction to my session on this:

Sustainable Development Goals are the way we can start to save the planet, our economies, and our people. By ignoring our duties towards these goals we are doing nothing less than supporting the largest genocide in history.

We all look to our leaders, our institutions and our media for good examples. This is not enough.  We must become our own good examples. No more role models, no more aspirations, we must apply the SDG framework to our own lives and seek to better ourselves for the good of all life on this planet and the future of our species.

Our warning alarms have been going off for over 50 years, the refugee crisis is another critical alarm. It’s easy for us to dismiss as it is “elsewhere” it’s not happening “here” it’s “those” people.  There is no “elsewhere” there is no “those” people there is us and our planet. This is the core message of the inequality of our world. We must address climate,
equality and social inclusion equally, quickly and with an outlook that brings all our hopes for a wonderful and bright, peaceful future to fruition.

Tony Malone, Sustainable Development Goals for Climate, Inclusion and Equality Talk, 2019, London